The Fight BetweenThailand and Cambodia...

Posted on April 25th, 2011

I took a journey through Thailand went to two different beaches and many different homes and met so many people from different parts of the world and still see that we all have the same common. We are all looking for love and peace in our lives, in our hearts, our homes, our countries and our world. I have been in two countries that are shooting at each other for the last couple of days at the baorder between Cambodia and Thailand for a temple that has already been destroy. It is not the temple that they are fighting for its the ego wanting to win, when i'm in Cambodia they blame Thailand when i'm in Thailand they blame Cambodia. It make no sense to me because they look the same and they all want the same thing. I tried to stay out of all conversation about war and love both side the same as they were my own brothers and sisters, they smile and think i'm crazy and i smile and said nothing. I have been encounter a lot of people on both side of the countries so kind and generous with me, it's not hard for me to love and continue sending them love when i think of them.

In Thailand it is not legal to see a begger on the street but in Cambodia i saw tons all ages...i have learn somthing that is a WIN WIN situation i wanted to share with all of you reading this. When someone beg me i asked if they are hungry all will say "yes" I ask them to sit and i buy them food instead of giving them money which we are not suppose to do for many reasons...but if you buy them food the vender makes a living, the begger get food in thier stomache, i get to smile and send their gratitude to all my friends and family that gave me money to help the people....This is working very well. I will send pictures when i have more time, i don't get to be around internet very often or a bathroom with toilet paper, another i'm far away from tourist places.

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Gregg - April 29th, 2011 at 10:12 PM
Hi... I am from Boulder... here in Cambodia now, working for an NGO. Will you be in Phnom Penh any time next week (week of May 2)? This will be my last week in Cambodia... It would be great to meet! I am inspired by your blog and work. My name is Gregg -- my Cambodian mobile is 097 291 6359. I hope you are enjoying your trip! Okun! Gregg

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