Unnesesary guilt...

Posted on August 9th, 2011

It's been over two months since i've been back, I have not writen any thing since because I have had a lot of feelings of unnesesary guilt for being back in America while those children i left behind are going to bed hungry and the dogs on the street i wished i could take home with me and give it a good life.... The things we take for granted here are the things some people in Asia and 80% of the population of the world have never experience. When i don't eat all the food i have i think of all the people and animals i left behind that have nothing to eat. When i go to sleep in my comefy bed, soft sheets, air conditioning and a roof over my head i think of the children and women on the streets that have to work or that are force to work ,i feel guilty. Part of my wonder how this is so unfair, and this feelings have gotten me into depression but i manage to tell my friends and family that i have jetlag... a very long one.
As i am awaken back to my reality i realized that i can never be sad enough to make anyone else happy. I've work hard to forgive myself lately for being me and being grateful for all the things that i've created for myself here in America. Things are easy for me here, there is always enough food, more then enough clothing, shelter, cars and planty of time to do what i wish. I miss the peace that comes to me effortlessly while i was in Asia. How can i find my middle path between here and there. Any thing is possible right? I have to go into my imagination and create what that looks like to me. Dear universe could you help me? Please?

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Piseth - January 4th, 2012 at 10:01 AM
Great sister that you can have love for those poor children. If more and more Cambodians abroad are like you, then those children are at hope.

I really appreciate what you have done with those unfortunate kids. You are the hope for them who are living with unnecessary guilt.

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