What is Ego and what are the steps to remove it...

Posted on August 17th, 2012

Ego is a huge stumbling block in achieving worldly and spiritual happiness. Ego is present in less or more proportion in all, young and old, rich and poor or educated or uneducated. Ego is like a weed in the farm. The lesser is the ego, the greater is the bliss. When we become aware of our ego, we become aware of our personality defects and are willing to put in efforts to remove them. Many of our personality defects are caused due to our ego.

Thinking that we are different than God is ego. My body and mind, my life, my intellect, my wealth, my wife and children, I want to be happy etc thoughts arise from ego. Having pride about ‘I’, ‘Mine’ or ‘me’ is ego. When we have thoughts of ‘my wealth’ or ‘my body’ and when we lose some of the wealth or get sick we become unhappy. We do not become unhappy if someone else loses their wealth or something happens to their body. The pain caused to our mind due to our ego is worse that physical pain. It is very easy for negative energies to create distress if a person has more ego.

Different steps one can practice to reduce ego:

1.) Gratitude: Expressing gratitude to God with mere words for every breath we take is not enough. The feeling of gratitude towards God or Guru has to be visible in our demeanor. True gratitude towards God or Guru is expressed by chanting God’s name constantly and spreading spirituality.
2.) Thinking of others: The more we think of others, the less we think of ourselves. If we are bringing a glass of water for ourselves, we can bring two glasses and give one glass to another person. If we are ironing our shirt or folding our laundry, we can do it for other family members to save their time. We can talk to others with a feeling that they are a small form of God or Guru. This will help reduce reactions towards them.
3.) Not interrupting when others are talking: Many people start talking by interrupting another person without listening to what they have to say. This is wrong because God is teaching us something through that person and by interrupting that person we miss out on Divine guidance. Plus the person who was interrupted gets disappointed. On the contrary, if we let the other
person finish what they have to say, we develop listening quality and learning attitude. We also can talk softly and politely because others can notice our ego from our tone of voice. We also must remember to show pleasantness on our face when next person is talking. We can give happiness to others by our every little action.
4.) Chanting: While one is chanting, there is no ego. While chanting one must keep the emotion that God or Guru is getting the chanting done instead of ‘I’ am doing chanting.
5.) Thinking of oneself in the context of the whole cosmos: If we think that in this cosmos one of the planets is earth. On this earth there are zillions of living things and I am one of them. I am like one little particle of sand at the ocean shore.

I learn this from www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org

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