The governing truth of this universe is that of oneness....

by Teal Scott on February 21st, 2013

The governing truth of this universe is that of oneness.

There is no such thing as that which is “other” than you.

This Physical reality is not static. It is that of “vibrating” energy.

You have an unbreakable connection with your higher self; the eternal, incorporeal portion of you, which is part of that which you call "God".

You are a physically manifested portion of your higher self.

Developing the skill of communication with your higher self is a key ingredient to living the happy, thriving life that you intend to live.

The physical body and physical world is a very small portion of what is “real”. They are in fact only the product of consciousness and energy.

You create the reality you live in.

You create your reality with your attention and focus of thought.

There is no such thing as a negative circumstance which is bad enough that it prevents a person from eventually achieving happiness and health.

Death in terms of annihilation is impossible. You are of eternal and infinite nature. Physical life is just a temporary expression of the eternal you.

We make the choice to manifest into the physical dimension and withdraw from the physical dimension many times. Therefore, your lives have been many.

Worth can not be lost or gained.

Emotions can be used like a compass, they are also the result of your resonance or discord with your higher self.

Everything you want is achieved by finding consistent energetic resonance with your higher self. This is accomplished by making "bliss" the goal of each moment of your life.

That which you see as negative, does not have to be an enemy to your life. It is an invaluable component of the evolution of all that is.

The thoughts you are thinking do not have to be the default byproduct of what you are observing in your external reality. They can be consciously chosen, at which point your external reality will re assemble to match them.

Your body is continually changing and being created by your thoughts. No part of your body is “set in stone”. Your thoughts are even directing your DNA.

This universe is orchestrated by what has recently been called "the law of attraction".

This universe is multidimensional.

Evolution of self and of all that is, is the inevitable by product of living.

Every particle of matter within this universe contains at all times two aspects…The presence of that thing, and the absence of that very same thing.

Self love is the root from which all positive creations grow.

There is no such thing as a source of evil or malevolence within this universe because there are not two types of energy within the universe. The universe is made up of positively charged energy. What we call “evil” is just the absence or prevention of that positively charged energy.

You are in the physical, in this body, because you chose to be.

There is no limit to what you can be, do or have.

Everything that exists in a person’s external reality is the mirrored manifestation of what is present within their internal reality. Therefore, self awareness and self mastery are not only the key components to living life the way you intended to live it, they are also a principal route to happiness.

There are two types of truth in this universe, Objective (universal) Truth and Subjective (individual) Truth.

Freedom is a universal truth of both physical and non physical.

Free will and destiny are peacefully coexisting truths of life.

Love is the basis for all physical and non physical being.
~Teal Scott~

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