Vo-Cal FAQs

Our mission is to be thorough and provide you all the information about the Vo-Cal. We apologize for all the text. We know it isn't fun to read online. We recommend copy/pasting this information and reading it at your leisure, either before or after a free consultation.
1. How will I feel after the first session on The VO-CAL?

You may feel like resting after the session due to the emotional releases and changes that have taken place in your mind, body and emotions. The VO-CAL assists your body in releasing negative emotions that we may have repressed, suppressed and buried. This technology enables you to feel more balanced such that no one emotion lingers too long.

2. What occurs in the first session on The VO-CAL?

The first session includes a generational voice mapping and a treatment session. The concept of generational voice mapping is that your voice imprint reveals your family dynamics across several generations. This is Calvin Young's remarkable discovery.

We record your voice imprint of your parents, grandparents, spouse and other significant relationships and health issues you want to address. The added benefit of the vocal imprint is that it detects the subconcious stress that you associate with that particular person and determines if the associated energy creates emotional blockages. Following the generational voice mapping, we then proceed with the treatment session.

3. How long is the first session and follow-up sessions?

The first session lasts approximately 1 &1/2~2 hours. Follow-up sessions are 1~1&1/2 hours.

4. What is involved in each treatment session with The VO-CAL?

You will be seated in a specially designed chair that has built in transducers (inverted speakers) throughout the back and base of the chair. In addition, the chair rests on a platform of magnets. You will wear a set of magnetized headphones and LED glasses. The VO-CAL chair gently vibrates and as you rest and relax. You will see an amazing light show through these specially designed glasses while soothing healing music is played on the headphones. Music is supplied as a background to the actual imprinted frequencies that have soothing and healing effects on body and mind.

This technology incorporates a synergistic combination of lights, sound, magnetic energy and vibration to stimulate all of the senses of your body.

Each treatment session includes 2 to 4 rounds in the chair working on one particular family member with each round in the chair lasting approximately 15 minutes. Through this progression of rounds, the body balances its emotional stresses with one individual in the family.

5. How do I know when I have cleared the negative emotional imprints from a family member and how many sessions does it take to clear a family member?

As the practitioner, I will let you know when you have cleared the family member. When your voice imprint is balanced in what is know as a "floating pattern". Floating patterns are a reflection of your ability to interact in an emotionally balanced way with the particular person you are working on. A person is considered cleared of that particular relative when in addition to the voice print of the floating wave pattern, you also have a completely balanced peaceful feeling about the relative. As a result, you view the life events of your interaction with that person differently by coming into a place of understanding and forgiveness. This occurs because you have emotionally balanced with that person. It is difficult to say how many treatment sessions are required to clear a relative. It ranges from 1 to 10 sessions. The speed with which you clear a relative is not important. What is important is processing and healing of the deep seated emotional issues that deal with that particular family member.

6. Can you go over the benefits you get with The VO-CAL?

Many of our traumas, conflicts and painful experiences are not resolved at the time they occur. Buried and repressed feelings have a way of emerging later on in our lives. Have you ever noticed negative, self-defeating and self destructive behaviors occuring in your life? This is because of suppressed emotions that you may not even be aware of!

This can create problems in our marriages, families, relationships and career. In addition, dysfunctional family patterns, alcoholism, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, addictions and mental illness are also tendencies from past generations.

How do we inherit our ancestors' health patterns, subconscious stress and perceptions?

Scientific research over the past three decades conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and many other labs and universities around the word has revolutionized most of our previous notions about how the brain and body function. Among the most profound and far-reaching findings of this research is the role of peptides in our health and emotions.

Peptides are tiny strings of linked amino acids produced within cells throughout the body. Each distinct amino acid combination fits into matching cellular receptors, which then sends a message to the cell and give it direction. The cell may create additional peptides to forward the message along the chain. Cells in different parts of the body may respond differently to the same peptide in order to attain a common goal. The peptide angiotensin, which creates the sensation of thirst, also induces the lungs to release less moisture and the kidneys to release less water in urine, all in order to conserve water (Candace Pert, Ph.D., The Molecules of Emotion, Scribner: NY, 1997. Page 145).

Peptides also create the sensations that we experience as emotion. Such sensation may both cause and be caused by specific thoughts or perception. Traumatic experiences in particular frequently results in strong emotional reactions that are stored within the brain's neural pathways and the cells of the body - locking an individual, to some extent, within the same emotional experience.

Because creation of peptides within the cells utilizes the DNA, a proclivity toward specific peptides may be transferred genetically, which explains genetic patterns of both disease and demeanor.

Whether or not the VO-CAL somehow interacts with these peptides or the ideas that exhert control over them has not yet been tested and the VO-CAL Company makes no claim to this effect. Many practitioners who implement the system believe that the observable results of the VO-CAL may suggest such an association.

What to Expect When You Start

Be prepared for the equipment's accuracy. The equipment
picks up where you are emotionally, even if you lie, your reading will
be accurate. The key to healthy growth however is in being honest.

You do not have to explain your life story in excruciating detail, this
is not counseling. Voice remapping in fact, does not require you to
talk very much. Just a few "short" voice snippets.

Voice remapping is for experiencing your emotions, it enables you
to process through your memories and pain. Do whatever you can
to be aware of what your body is telling you, be willing to
"experience" rather than "think". Stop "thinking" and "FEEL".

During your voice remapping session it is expected that you will
process emotions, this may look like weeping, crying, anger, joy
and happiness or nothing at all. Your facilitator will not interfere
with your process. Change can be painful, allow yourself to
experience it and think of pain as weakness leaving the body.

To benefit from this equipment you must be an active participant in
your own healing.

If you are "cut off" from your emotions due to trauma, beliefs, habit,
etc. this may be difficult for you. Just remember you make progress
faster if you allow yourself to FEEL. If you are emotionally
disconnected the process will benefit you even if the process is
slower. Your body will do what is required for your healing.

This is not a process that places blame. Voice remapping is not
about criticism, blaming, accusing, or judging. It is about honoring
and acknowledging your feelings, it is about being truthful about
how you feel, and connecting your head to your heart.

Your voice map will indicate when you have successfully processed
your emotions. Your facilitators role is checking your voice
recordings, watching movement of energy. The voice graph lets
your facilitator know how much energy there is in a particular zone
and characterizes this as low, medium, high or extreme. He or she
will be most concerned with any readings that are "high" or
"extreme". The equipment will attempt to balance these readings
so that the numbers go down, your body is in charge, the machine
works with you and the speed of progress is unique as are people.

A person can be considered emotionally healthy when he or she
can freely experience a full range of emotions. Can you feel sad
one moment and later happy again? Can you be mad or angry at a
person or situation and then get over it? Can you feel envious or
jealous and later laugh at how silly you were to feel that way?

The pattern your facilitator is looking for is a "floating pattern" this
shows that you are free to experience any emotion and therefore
your emotions are "unlocked".

Each session deals with one ancestor or issue, sometimes it is not
possible to "break through" in one session, a short walk or a spin in
the Vortex chair can enable that breakthrough but it is fine to leave
and return a few days later to finish processing. It is ideal to "finish"
each mapping session but ultimately your body is in charge.

Because of the emotional work you have just done you may feel
any emotion or combination and it is all okay. Happy, energetic and
rested or tired and drained or you may feel no outward reaction at
all. Something has taken place emotionally and you will continue to
process over the next few days.

The purpose of voice remapping is to return your free will, to free
you from emotions and behaviors that have kept you "stuck". You
must be a willing, active participant. You are free to remove
equipment and end the session at any time. This is not about force
or coercion. Life is about making choices, give yourself permission
to make choices to improve your life. Honor your past, accept,
forgive, heal.


Helps Release:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Stress
  • Fears Phobias
  • Guilt, Anger & Resentment
  • Self-Destructive Behaviors
  • Addictions


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