Hair Studio

I am passionate in doing hair! I specialize in cuts, colors, up-do and styling, but my true passion is people. By working alone, I'm never lonely. I have learned to love and respect who I have become and in return I am able to see the true nature of my clients, because when you are with me you are completely with me - hair, heart and soul.

My philosophy in doing hair is that I am all about change. I get my inspiration from nature and the changing of the seasons.

My intention is to help you find more beauty from the outside so that you can feel and act in more beautiful ways from the inside. I’m here to remind you that when we are happy with ourselves we will make everyone around us happy too.

All hair has its own beauty and purpose for you, just like your heart. If you don’t learn to tame it, it will grow wild. Hair should mirror your mind not your lover or your mother. Hair has a mind of its own and you should too. When it comes to hair, I don’t believe in rules or what is in or what is out. I don’t believe that one should be restricted by rules. The only rule in hair that it's worth following is your instinct and allowing yourself total freedom in expressing your individuality. I extend this philosophy to all aspects of life, not just hair. Hair is just a part of you, so rather than being a dedicated follower of fashion, be a dedicated follower of your own heart. Having a sense of self, your own unique value and individual sense of style is really important to your soul. When you take time to genuinely care, love and be grateful for the hair that you already have, you have begun by making the right choice. The rest of the process of becoming you is all about confidence in your journey in finding your own authentic self.

Hair Colorologist



  • Free consultation~by appointment or by chance
  • Hair cut (sculpting) $55-$85
  • Hair coloring: permanent and semi permanent $105-$150
  • Base color touch-up $65-$75
  • Bang trim- a hug and a smile
  • Flat or curls - $25-$50 also included in a hair cut
  • Up dos $40-$85
  • Conditioning treatment-$25
  • Eye brows Wax- $15
  • lips waxing- $15
  • Makeup for a occasion or a lesson $40
  • Style for an occasion or a lesson $25-$50
  • Global Keratin treatment (hair straightening system) $150-&up free consultation

Technical styling support for group or individual are available. Bring all your tools and I will love to teach you how to use them correctly.


  • Hair cut $35-$45
  • Hair color and highlights $35-$50
  • Neck trim- a hug and a smile
Hair Tips: Massage your head regularly to circulate your scalp of blood flow. If your circulation is good and your scalp relaxed, your hair will grow strong and shiny.

Make sure you cleanse and condition your hair with the best possible products, it will be worth it. Especially if your hair is colored.

It is a must to treat your hair with deep conditioners every four to six weeks.

Wash and condition your hair before you get colors, it will last a little longer. It’s like priming your wall before painting it.

Be grateful for your hair!

Before and After