Welcome to Studio Ny!

*Dear Readers please be advised: the writing is my language as I speak it, I'm hoping to convey to you my essence. That is why I have opted not to be attached to perfection. Thank you for accepting me as I am, as I accept you as you are. ~Namaste, Helena Ny

Hair. Heart. Soul.

Studio Ny is operated by the one-and-only Helena Ny,

I have come half a world away from Cambodia to Thailand to Los Angeles, to Rochester NY, to Atlanta, Ga. and now here in Denver Co. Iife is teaching me unconditional LOVE...
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Hair Studio

Doing hair is one of my many passions. I believe that hair is an antenna to our spirit. When I sharpen your hair I am helping you sharpen your spirit by letting go of what's no longer serves you....

Subconscious Health

The ego can hide dormant, but the spirit is like the sun, when it shines it shines on everything! Get to know your spirit. Your beautiful self.