Emotional Healing through your Subconscious Mind

We inherit more than just physical characteristics from out ancestors. Factors that affect our mental and physical health are also passed down. Generational voice remapping can help indentify and release negative traits.
Vo-Cal unlocks the synapses in the brain using sound, light, vibration, and magnetic fields to release stored memories. Vo-Cal brings the conscious mind and subconscious minds together to unlock and heal emotional trauma. It is safe and non-invasive.

~NASA-driven Technologies
~Bio-Feedback Device
~Synaptic re-programiming
~DNA Energy re-alignment
~YOU heal YOU!

The Vo-Cal- Voice remapping technology

What is the Vo-Cal? Voice Calabration,
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Voice remapping, the Vo-Cal and the Vortex chairs are breakthrough technologies created by Calvin Young.

You may speak any languages you wish, it just ask that you feel the emotions of the subject, person or situation you are talking about. It does NOT record what you are saying, it is only records the frequencies of your emotional stress that you are carrying in your voice!

Emotions is energy in motion--------measurable and and recordable vibration.

The Vortex Chair

The VORTEX chair or "spinning chair" unlocks physical trauma, "defrags" the brain, and helps restore the brain to a more flexible state. Based on technology from NASA, the chair spins approx. 20x's per minute passing through positive and negative (not electromagnetic) fields. There is generally no sense of rotation.
When the brain has had trauma or has become set, it stops functioning in certain quadrants. Both the Vo-Cal and Vortex chairs can help exercise and reconnect the brain.


Helps Release:
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Emotional Traumas
  • Fears
  • Guilt
  • Generational Traits
  • Negative Ancestral Patterns
  • Phobias
  • PTSD
  • Resentment
  • Self-destructive behaviors


Testimonials from Medical Doctors
The benefits are real!

"This is like 20 years of psychotherapy reduced to a few hours!"
- Dr. Deborah A. Drake, M.D.

...advances the art of emotional healing...to unprecedented levels!"
- Dr. Gene Hummel, M.D.

"I recently came across one of the most sensational developments in healing I've ever encountered. Its called The VO-CAL. There is, nothing like it on planet earth...one of the first major healing advances of the new millennium! Get on this machine and DO IT! You'll be glad you did!"
- Dr. Keith Scott- Mumby, M.D., M.B ChB, PhD

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