Vo-Cal Testimonials

Dr. Deborah A. Drake, M.D.

"This is like 20 years of psychotherapy reduced to a few hours!"

Dr. Gene Hummel, M.D.

...advances the art of emotional healing...to unprecedented levels!"

- Dr. Keith Scott- Mumby, M.D., M.B ChB, PhD
"I recently came across one of the most sensational developments in healing I've ever encountered. Its called The VO-CAL. There is, nothing like it on planet earth...one of the first major healing advances of the new millennium! Get on this machine and DO IT! You'll be glad you did!"

Sean Murphy

My life shifted - no doubt about it.Within weeks I felt less depressed and more joy for life. The negative thoughts stopped chattering in my head. A few months later I realized we had moved our office, sold our house and started a new life. A attribute the shift to the VO-CAL.

Dirk Van Gils

"After voice remapping, I felt completely fine. I was slightly tired, but I felt relaxed and peaceful. I was not the same person who entered the room only a short time before. I was someone else, a better someone. The pain and longing I had buried inside of me were gone. Although my father passed away years ago, I will never again feel sadness, pain, or discomfort when I think of him. Instead, I feel appreciation and love. Voice remapping not only helped me find peace with my dad, it also helped my marriage. After several sessions with the voice remapping equipment, my wife began to notice subtle changes in my communications with her. She noticed I was becoming more open with her. She liked it.........I had truly changed, and in response to my changing, she began to treat me differently too."


"It wasn't that I was miserable before the voice remapping, it is just that I didn't know how much better i could be, how much happier I could become. It is just something i believe everyone owes to themselves: the gift of emotional well being." T.W.

I have experienced so many benefits from Vo-Cal II I don't really know where to start. My insomnia is gone, increased abundance, increased joy, healed relationships, clearer thinking, increased energy, I don't get "stuck" in anger. I have a greater capacity to love. Thank you!

Carrie Coy

Helena, I am so grateful to have met you and experienced your work. I
truly believe and see that my life has profoundly changed for the better
since coming to do the VoCal. I feel my bodywork has also deepened and
sharpened since coming to see you, my insights more on target and my
communications more timely. I have greater understanding of myself and those
I am in relationship with. I am excited for what we can accomplish in the
future! Thank you for creating a space where I can get so much done
(internally) in so little time.